Thank you so much for this... I will be delving into these resources today and this weekend and I will try to reach out to you next week.

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Glad to see someone is keeping this story alive. Yes, the Massachusett’s State Police (MSP) made the claim Tafari’s body was found in 8 feet of water 100 feet from shore. But here’s a government document (https://www.mass.gov/doc/edgartown-great-pond-system-edgartown-ma-2008/download), titled the Massachusetts Estuaries Project” that contains a depth chart (Figure V-10) which shows the depth of the water in various areas of the Edgartown Great Pond.

If you combine that debt chart with this topo map of the Edgartown Great Pond (https://mapcarta.com/22216976), you’ll find that the 8 foot depth contour in the pond is at least 300-400 feet from the shore at all points around it. In fact, those two sources indicate the water 100 feet from the shore, on the side of the pond that the Obama residence is on, is probably no more than 2 or 3 feet deep at any point.

But there’s more. According to information Judicial Watch obtained (https://www.judicialwatch.org/documents/jw-v-dhs-secret-service-obama-chef-records-03194/ ), Ms Taylor, his paddle boarding companion, claimed she paddled over to Tafari when he fell off his paddle board, but was unable to save him. The incident report by Secret Service agent John Crunkilton, Jr states that Ms Taylor said she then paddled just 50 to 75 yards to shore (that’s 150 to 225 ft) to find help. Agent Crunkilton states that he and Ms Taylor then traveled by boat about “a quarter mile” down the shore from the Obama Estate to the spot where she said Tafari drowned and they found some of Tafari’s gear in the water.

A quarter mile is about 1500 feet. If you look at the depth chart of the pond I linked above, and assume they traveled north (away from the more shallow depth contours to the south of the Obama estate), then you will find that 1500 feet from the Obama estate, the water depth 200 feet from shore is at most 4-5 feet. And since Tafari Campbell was 5’10 inches tall, that means if he’d put his feet on the bottom, he likely could have been able to hold his entire head above the water (never mind that that videos prove Tafari Campbell was also a very good swimmer).

If you ask me, the above discrepancies suggest why the authorities have not provided in any document or statement showing exactly where the body was found. Because then anyone would be able to prove the official story is a transparent lie. But it’s worse than just the authorities being part of this coverup. It looks to me like the media for the most part is aiding the coverup too.

Since Tafari’s death, every time I’ve seen an article where they mention the 8 feet deep ,100 feet from shore claim, I’ve contacted the media outlet with the above information. With one exception (identified below), none have responded to me or questioned the claim in later articles, even though many acknowledged getting my email. Surprisingly, even Judicial Watch, who acknowledged my email to them about this, showed no interest ... never contacted me and repeated the claim in later articles. JW wasn't the only supposedly conservative media *journalist* to do this, either.

Only one journalist and media outlet, Susan Daniels of American Thinker, followed up on this information. She contacted me and ended up publishing a story questioning the depth of water claims. You can read her article here: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/08/did_obamas_chef_drown_in_three_feet_of_water.html . No other media outlet picked up on her article, making me (and her) suspicious that the fix is in.

If you contact me by email, I can send you images of the depth chart from the estuaries report and the topo map at roughly the same scale so you can verify everything I've said above. But good luck getting anyone to care. I fear the America we knew is already gone.

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Whew..... What a powerful piece to ponder... Thanks!!!

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