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Nov 13, 2023·edited Nov 13, 2023Liked by Ricochet Cafe

Well expressed and written. The elites, though, may have another trick up it's sleeve with A.I.

The E.U. and perhaps U.K. are going to start using fines, maybe even threats of jail, to encourage further platform censorship.

The censorship requests, and threats will come with a list of approved AI pre-scrubbing platforms someone like Twitter or Rumble can use if they want to operate within a country.

Compliance will be like, "we can't possibly police every utterance on Twitter ourselves! It has to be automated!" Oh! It just so happens the gatekeepers have pre approved AI software you can implement automatically and you'll never hear from us again! It's magic ✨

But, they'll do their thing, and us so called dissidents, will do ours. We're not going away, and today's censorship has a way of actually drawing more people to the truth. I don't know, maybe we should thank them. If they care enough to censor it, then it's most likely true.

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