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Holy cow yes !!!! How egotistical and outrageous for these jaded people to have the nerve and disrespect these authors. Rewriting is s travesty. So is subjecting children who’s parents do not want them to adult natured material. How dare they tell us we must be silent.

Thank you for another great article

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Absolutely, they want total silence of any dissenting views, so to totally control what people (especially young people who won’t question it) are permitted to absorb.

Hitler anyone ?? Remember when the thought or mention of communism or association with anyone “Red” would draw whispers and dirty looks ? I remember the deep sadness I felt for people living under communism and the fear of not having the freedoms we all enjoy. Now, I can’t believe how people willingly give up their rights and freedom.

Many people don’t question ( Covid restrictions are a good example) government overreach and your American rights, our Constitution. Thank goodness there are a few of us relics who remember that the government works for us. Including Librarians with blue hair.

Thanks for the great work

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